Below is a list of answers to our most frequently asked questions. Please contact us here if you have any additional questions.

The vehicle must be roadworthy, this includes tyres which must meet with the conditions set out in the Highway Code (1.6mm). If the vehicle is not roadworthy, we will be unable to collect the vehicle and you will be charged an aborted collection fee.
If the vehicle requires an MOT, the vehicle must have a valid MOT certificate. If the certificate is not available on the day of collection our agents will be unable to collect the vehicle and you will be charged an aborted collection fee.
Please check the mileage allowance on your agreement. You may be liable for excess mileage charges if you have exceeded your contractual allowance.
Have the V5c (vehicle registration document) available on the day of collection and hand it to the agent when the car is collected. Failure to produce this documentation when the vehicle is collected will result in a charge being levied to your Agreement.
If the vehicle has a private registration plate, make sure your cherished plate is put on retention and that you are in receipt of the new V5c document prior to proceeding with your vehicle handback. Failure to do so will result in the vehicle being sold with the private plate.
Your vehicle will be subject to the fair wear and tear guidelines as stipulated within your agreement. Any work completed on the vehicle must meet VWFS repair standards. We recommend using a VW approved repairer to carry out any work throughout the life of the contract.

If existing repairs have not been completed to the satisfactory standard End of Contract charges may apply.

Check your service record has been stamped and is up-to-date. We will accept a full invoice for the service as proof but all documents must be with the vehicle on the day of collection. Charges will be levied for missing service history and will not be waived if the service history is sent after collection of the vehicle.
You must notify the DVLA that the vehicle is no longer in your possession. If you do not notify the DVLA that you have transferred the vehicle, you will continue to be liable for it even though it is not in your possession.
Make sure your vehicle meets with the above criteria and is available at the appointment time for inspection and collection. If our agents are unable to collect the vehicle or it is unavailable, you will be charged an Aborted Collection Charge.
Yes however, you must confirm with your dealership that they are happy to accommodate this service.

The vehicle remains your responsibility until it is collected and you are encouraged to be present for the inspection and collection.

You must give more than 24 hours’ notice if you wish to cancel your inspection and collection. If less than 24 hours’ notice is given, you will incur an aborted collection charge.
It is not recommended to cancel your direct debit payment as any final rentals or End of Contract charges will be collected by this method.
Do not leave any of your personal items in the vehicle. We will be unable to retrieve these for you after the vehicle has been collected. Any accessories invoiced to Volkswagen Financial Services as part of the vehicle purchase e.g. mats/alloys must be with the vehicle when returned, otherwise you will have to compensate us. Anything added to the vehicle after invoice e.g. speakers/phone kit may be removed without damage. If damage occurs while removing any items, it must be repaired to the original condition and you must refit the original items e.g. speakers, otherwise you will be charged.
Do not cancel your vehicle insurance policy until after the vehicle has been collected. The vehicle remains your responsibility until it has been inspected. As soon as the vehicle is inspected, the insurance will be transferred to Manheim Inspection Services.
Provide us with as many of your available contact telephone numbers as possible. This will enable the process to run more smoothly and reduce delays.

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